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Christmas at Disneyland – Characters in Winter Wear


Donald Duck decked out in snowflakes for winter {Saving up for Disney}

One of the charming things about Disneyland during Christmas time is that the characters often have sprinkles of winter decorating their costumes! Isn’t Donald adorable with the dazzling snowflakes designs on his hat and shirt? Goofy has donned a bright red sweater for the season, also covered in snowflakes!

Winter wear on the characters at Disneyland {Saving Up for Disney}

Pluto has had several winter-wear looks, including these holly covered antlers and a snowflake studded cap.

Plutu has several winter wear outfits at Disneyland {Saving Up for Disney}

My favorite look is Minnie’s! She is seasonal from the top of her beret to her red and green skating skirt! My little one especially loved the pom-poms that hung from her sweater. I love the seasonal looks and special winter-wear that the characters have during Christmas!

Minnie is decked out in her winter wear at Disneyland {Saving Up for Disney}




5 thoughts on “Christmas at Disneyland – Characters in Winter Wear

  1. Oh my goodness! This looks like such a fun time! I wish we lived closer to be able to see Mickey and the gang all decked out in their holiday attire in July 🙂 Thanks for sharing the fun photos for those of us on the east coast!

    • Thanks Amy! If the characters were in their winter wear for July, I think it would be like having a little sprinkle of “Frozen” like you all have at WDW 🙂 Christmas at Disneyland is certainly special, I have more “Christmas in July at Disneyland” posts coming!

  2. At first I thought Mickey and the Gang were sporting their winter attire at the Disneyland Resort in July. Then silly I just noticed the clothing that your adorable family members are wearing. HOWEVER, I think it would be a “cool” event for the summer 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos, since I will most likely never venture out to Disneyland during the Christmas season!

  3. I love seeing these pictures. There’s nothing quite like the Disney resorts during the holidays, and the characters dressed up for the winter make my day! 🙂

  4. We were at WDW this past December and it was so fun to see the characters all decked out for the holidays!

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