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Disneyland Height Requirements

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Disneyland Height Requirements

One of the major Disneyland rites of passage is when a child finally hits the height requirement for a particular ride! A majority of rides don’t have any height requirements making Disneyland a perfect place for everyone to enjoy, despite their age or stature.

As frequent Disneyland guests, we have a mental log of rides that our children are tall enough for or that our littlest one isn’t able to go on yet. Fortunately Disneyland has all the height requirements all in one place for you to review before your trip!

Disneyland Height Requirements


Disneyland Attractions – This list is interactive and includes links to all the rides with a thumbnail photo next to each. The height requirement (or lack of requirement) is noted in the description of each attraction.

Disneyland Attraction Height Requirements – This list shows restrictions by height.

Disneyland Height Requirements


1. Measure at home with the shoes that your child will be wearing to the park. Rest back against a flat wall, heels completely to the wall for the most accurate height reading. Don’t stretch, tip-toe or raise your chin!

2. Scan the list of height requirements and take note of what your children will or will not be able to ride.

Disneyland Height Requirements

3. Let your kids know in advance what rides they will be able to go on and which ones they aren’t tall enough for. You don’t want any disappointed thrill seekers on their Disney day when they discover that they miss the height requirement for California Screamin’ by an inch!

4. Note that there are some rides that allow guests that don’t meet the height requirement to ride with a taller guest.Disneyland Height Requirements

Height requirements are in place to keep your children safe. There is a reason why the requirements are in place. Don’t even consider stuffing napkins into your child’s shoes to make them taller, that’s simply unsafe…I’ve actually seen parents do this in the Park.

Disneyland Height Requirements

On our next Disneyland trip, our little one will be above the requirement to ride Gadget’s Go Coaster and Tuck and Roll’s Drive’Em Buggies for the first time. Only two more inches and he can ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Star Tours… That will have to wait until the next trip!

What ride is your child looking forward to “growing in to”? Let me know in the comments below!


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