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#DisneySide Birthday Party on a Budget – Seven Dwarves Mine Train


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Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

This is the cake that I made for a birthday party this weekend in a Seven Dwarves Mine Train theme! Technically the cake is the only thing we had to fit the theme. Things didn’t go exactly as I’d planned for this party but they turned out well in the end (isn’t that usually the way?)

When the Seven Dwarves Mine Train opened at Walt Disney World, I found a video of the ride on YouTube and showed my toddler. He was absolutely smitten!!

We started discussing birthday party plans for his third birthday and he was insistent on a Mine Train theme. Oh, I had grand plans! I simply love party planning and hosting and this was such a fun and unique theme, I knew I could really get creative with it. I started Pinning ideas on a special party board. I had ideas…oh, yes, ideas were a-plenty!

We would decorate with these funny Dwarves (made from toilet paper rolls!) and pretty apple cupcakes.

Image from Family

Image from Inspiration for

I thought it might be fun to “pan for gold” and for the kids to color Dopey!

Image from Restless

These Stained Glass Cookies looked like pretty gems to me!

Image from Real

And how about these gem molds? Wouldn’t they make nice cake pops?

Image from Make n’

Aren’t these handstamped wooden spoons in a coordinating theme so cute for eating ice cream?

Image from Lola Loves a Party on

Ring pops in the party favor bags are a must!

Image from Style Me

And these little bird whistles are adorable. Take them home and “Whistle While You Work!”

Image from Oriental

Can you see where this is going? All this fun planning and well, unfortunately when it came down to it we just simply could not throw the party I really wanted. Time constraints aside, we’ve had some serious budget crunching this month and knew that a large party wasn’t going to happen.

Though I was disappointed not to be able to make my boy’s mine train dreams come true I set out to do what I could. My two boys happen to have birthdays exactly 2 weeks apart (well, 8 years and two weeks!) so we celebrated both on the same day. My husband bought inexpensive chicken drumsticks and marinated them for a few hours before grilling. I made a potato salad and a double-decker carrot cake from scratch. We had the party at my mom’s house with just my brother’s family, my mother-in-law and a few cousins. Small and simple.

And you know what, when my little guy saw the cake I’d made he couldn’t have cared less about anything else; he LOVED it! I mean, look at that happy smile!

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

The decor on top is all leftover Halloween candy (yes, we still had some!) I made the carrot cake from scratch but bought a tub of cream cheese frosting. Because it was so sweet with all the candy on top, I skipped frosting the sides and went for a rustic look.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

I used Wilton’s Color Mist green food spray to make “grass” on the sides and placed chocolate sprinkles in the center for a “trail”. Mini-chocolates stand in for rocks and colorful candies as gemstones with a few Starburst diamonds next to Dopey.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas





As you can see the cake was the only thing we really had going for us theme-wise at the party! But in my little one’s eyes, that was all we needed! We honestly didn’t miss all the extras (and my budget thanked me for it).

Seven Dwarves Mine Train Party ideas

How do you celebrate birthdays on a budget? I’d love to hear! Please comment below and consider signing up to receive notification when new posts are up!


3 thoughts on “#DisneySide Birthday Party on a Budget – Seven Dwarves Mine Train

  1. Awesome job Julie! I like seeing real parties just as much as the $$$/sponsored ones on Pinterest. I love that you did what fit your family and budget. No need to break the bank to have some fun!

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