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Vivid Editions Disney-inspired Art and Posters – GIVEAWAY!



Walking through the gates of Disneyland and into the tunnels, goosebumps cover my arms each time. Passing under this plaque, guests walk past posters that promote the Parks most popular attractions.

As shown in the movie Saving Mr. Banks, the posters used to line the fence in front of the floral Mickey (see this post from the Disney Parks Blog). And for as long as I can remember the posters have been there inside the tunnel as you “Leave Today and Enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy”.

2014-01-22 16.37.12

I have always admired the posters and wanted some of my own, so I was delighted to find these gorgeous, high-quality prints on Etsy by Vivid Editions. Now I can hang them in my own home and add a bit of Disney charm!


Alex at Vivid Editions was kind enough to send me four prints. Two of them I framed for my #DisneySide @HomeCelebration party decor. The other two I gifted to my party guests as prizes. My brother has a slight obsession with the Disneyland Railroad so he might get that poster as a gift very soon!



In addition to the vintage-looking Disneyland posters, Vivid Editions also has these gorgeous digital watercolor images in their Etsy shop. They are so sophisticated yet whimsical. I love the spirited movement implied on each colorful print!


Stop over at the Vivid Editions shop and find out how you can buy two & get one free, plus receive free standard USPS shipping! If you’re like me, you’re going to have a challenging time narrowing down the choices!


Would you like to win your own poster from Vivid Editions

They are offering my readers the chance to win their choice of one poster, any size, from their Etsy shop!

**ENTER THE GIVEAWAY**  GIVEWAY IS CLOSED – Congratulations to our winner, Leigh Ann B!

Open to USA & Canada only; prize will be shipped directly from Vivid Editions.


23 thoughts on “Vivid Editions Disney-inspired Art and Posters – GIVEAWAY!

  1. I definitely want the train print! I’d love to have my office decorated in these!

  2. I would choose the Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty Disney Watercolor Art Print! It would look gorgeous in my baby’s new bedroom!

  3. We have quite a few of the entrance prints in our house already, so I’d choose one of the beautiful watercolors. Peter Pan is my favorite!

  4. I like the One Ring Poster, The Lord of the Rings Watercolor Art Print, Kids Decor, Boy’s Room, Gift, Wall Art, Not Framed, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! [No. 1-6]

  5. I would love the Beauty and the Beast Watercolor. I am decorating my son’s bedroom in all his favorite Disney movies.

  6. I would pick the Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups

  7. the Tinkerbell poster

  8. There are several I like but I think I would choose New York City Skyline Watercolor!

  9. I love all of the watercolor prints. They would be perfect for a baby’s room.

  10. I love the Opening Dedication Disneyland print-beautiful colors.

  11. This is like choosing a favorite child! I really like the Vintage Adventure Isle and Matterhorn prints, but love the Snow White watercolor too!

  12. I would pick the Alice in Wonderland Tea Cups

  13. Not sure which I would pick. Mr Toad, Haunted Mansion, the Jackson Pollack looking castle… these 3 are the front runners.

  14. I would absolutely love to have the Vintage Haunted Mansion New Orleans Square 36.54 Poster. Brings back really great memories for me!

  15. It was super hard to choose only one but I would have to go with the main man (in cartoon world anyways lol) Jack Skellington Watercolor Print, Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!!

  16. I like the Sonic the Hedgehog Watercolor Art Print

  17. I love the Simba watercolor! There are lots more I really like too. We honeymooned there and I cant wait to take my son.

  18. I love them!!!! Especially the water colors. We’re leaving for a week at WDW in 34 days. Countdown!!!!!

  19. Oh…I am not sure–so much to love there! I might choose the Haunted Mansion. Leigh Anne Borders

  20. I love so many of the watercolors, but I think the Harry Potter ones are my favorite!

  21. I would love the Star Wars Poster, Yoda Watercolor Art Print!

  22. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Watercolor Print

  23. I would love to get the Vintage Peoplemover Tomorrowland Disneyland Attraction Poster Reprint . We loved that ride!

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