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#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 – A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @HomeCelebration. Thoughts and ideas are my own.

Last month our #DisneySide box arrived, stuffed full of fun games, decorations, favors and extras to create a party at home! A big thank you to Disney, MomSelect and all of the wonderful sponsors, we had a magical time at our @HomeCelebration!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Mickey was the first to arrive!

In keeping with the multi-generational theme, I invited my mom, mother-in-law, my kids, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends, in age from 10 months to 67!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The guests came ready in their finest Disney gear, some in costume or hats, some bedecked with trading pins. There was even a Mickey silhouette umbrella to block the sun!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My box included some items that I gifted to my party guests in a giveaway, including Twinings tea, a Mickey Mouse cake pan, HP Create Memories You Keep packs of photo paper, Beyond Meat coupons, Disney travel luggage tags and Crayola crayons.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I supplemented with a few store-bought prizes of my own like Frozen card games, a Lightning McQueen car, baby board books and coloring books. I even had extra Disneyland maps, which came in handy since one of our guests was headed there with their family right after the party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Bow from Etsy vendor Emma Saxton Studios

In addition, I collaborated with a few fantastic Etsy vendors to arrange giveaways not only to my #DisneySide party guests but to my blog readers as well. I’ll be posting the giveaways here so be sure you’re following along by signing up for my newsletter!


#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My happy kids!

The day was bright and sunny and unusually warm for February, even for San Diego! We sat outside on the patio to enjoy our lunch and treats.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I’d appliqued my little one a Mike tee shirt to wear for the occasion and Daddy had put it on him the week prior so it needed to be washed before the party.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Fortunately my #DisneySide party box included a box of All detergent Pacs and a sample packet of Wisk so Mike Wazowski was clean and ready to party!

I’d decorated the party table with a Mickey & Friends tablecloth, napkins, cups, plates and cupcake stand from Disney that was sent in my party box.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Our guests came ready to eat and I’d prepared Crock Pot teriyaki pulled pork with the Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce that was sent in my #DisneySide box. Here’s the recipe on the Soy Vay website! Pork and coleslaw sandwiches…yum!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Vintage-looking prints from Vivid Editions on Etsy set the Disneyland theme on our table setting. Several other prints from the shop were given to party guests.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Ahem…Some party guests ate their cookies before they ate their lunch! Glad I took this picture though because I neglected to take a shot of these cute Mickey cookies. I made them using Americolor food dye and sanding sugar from The Baker’s Confections on Etsy!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

After lunch (and a few more cookies), the kids were geared up for games! We played Pin the Smile on Mickey (using the Baymax Big Hero beanie from Whosits & Whatsits as our eye covering!) Next was the Word Search, which proved to be a challenge! These games, along with some others were included in our #DisneySide party box.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

My niece won the coveted light up Frozen Minnie Ears from Yesely’s Creations on Etsy. She’d been eyeing them since she first arrived at the party and will wear them with her Elsa costume, naturally!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Other prizes for our guests included this appropriate-for-any-age necklace from Sugar Lane Designs on Etsy, that my nephew won and turned over immediately to his mom! He also loved these adorable Mickey soaps that Snowblade Creations on Etsy sent as party favors, in kid-friendly scents like lemon, cherry and cotton candy!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The leather and washer handstamped bracelets from To Infinity Ohio on Etsy were a hit with the boys, as I expected! My daughter gravitated immediately to the whimsical Lost Boys ring from Whosits and Whatsits.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

The beautiful bangle bracelet from Vintage Stamp Jewels was highly coveted by my mother-in-law. The Mickey necklace was my favorite, so I glad I was able to win the prize and make it mine forever!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Disneyland-themed bows for my girly guests to wear during the party were provided by Heidi of Emma Saxton Studios on Etsy. Love her fun and whimsical designs, she is the absolute best!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Mmmm, time for dessert! I couldn’t wait to taste this gorgeous cake donated by Nothing Bundt Cakes. Seriously, this marble cake was so moist and delicious! And isn’t this princess design perfect for a Disney theme?! Can you see where my preschooler “sampled” the frosting?

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

A cake mix from Duff Goldman was provided in the Disney party box and this tie dye version was so fun and festive! The Bakers Confections sent me these custom mixed sprinkles, polka dotted cupcake papers and red cups with tiny wooden ice cream spoons (that I decorated with a strip of polka dotted washi tape).

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Neapolitan, yum! Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkles!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Oops, someone left their cupcake unattended and this little guy grabbed it!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

Our #DisneySide party box include a few fun favors, including Mickey and Friends stickers, pencils and princess-themed peel-off nail polish. We also added these adorable soaps from Snowblade Creations.

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

In all, every guest had a wonderful time and left with big smiles across their face! Must be the Disney magic at work! Thank you again Disney and MomSelect for the fantastic party box and the inspirations to create a last memory!

#DisneySide @HomeCelebration 2015 - A Multi-Generational Party!

I received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @HomeCelebration. Thoughts and ideas are my own.




DIY #DisneySide Stamp Craft Projects and Giveaway

Audra of Dragonfly Curls on Etsy so sweetly sent me three hand carved rubber stamps for me to use in my #DisneySide @HomeCelebration party planning.



I received the classic Mickey Mouse Ears silhouette, Mickey Mouse Balloon and the Fairy Tale Princess Castle stamps. Each stamp is custom cut by hand which makes them unique. Stamps are mounted on foam and wood for easier use. Every stamp is hand made to order, brand new, and is tested before it is sent out. You can tell that Audra puts a lot of love into her craft!


Check out some of these other fantastic Disney-inspired designs. I’m kind of thinking that the Jack Skellington is going to be a must for Halloween crafts!


This is what I did with the stamps that I received

Handstamped Tee

I prepped a white shirt for my daughter by pre-washing without fabric softener. I lined the inside with cardboard so I’d have a flat surface for stamping (an old cereal box is good for this). You also don’t want the paint bleeding from the front to other parts of the shirt.


I used red, black and yellow fabric paints. Starting with the first color, brush on a small amount of paint directly onto the Mickey head stamp.



Set the stamp down on the shirt (I started at the top and worked my way down), press gently but firmly on the stamp, rolling slightly side to side. Lift and voila! An adorable stamped Mickey!


Continue down the shirt using the same color in a spaced out pattern. Clean the stamp by stamping off the extra paint onto a rag or paper towel. I wiped mine off with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol before starting with the next color.


If part of the stamp doesn’t come out clearly simply dab a little paint on the tip of a brush to fill in the missing space.


When you’re all done, let the shirt dry flat for at least 24 hours. Toss in the dryer to heat set the paint and you’ll be ready to wear your creation!

Stamped Favor Bags

Using plain kraft bags from The Bakers Confections on Etsy, I made a simple stamp in the center of each favor bag. I picked up these stamp pads at the craft store and gently pressed the stamp onto the ink until they were well coated. Firmly press straight down onto the paper, then rock gently up and down and side to side.


Lift it up and reveal a lovely stamped image!

After filling with favors we sealed the kraft bags with a bit of polka dotted washi tape for that extra special “Minnie” touch!


CONTEST IS CLOSED – Congratulations to the winner, Heidi E.

Would you like to win your own stamp from Dragonfly Curls?

Audra is offering my readers the chance to win their choice of one stamp from her Etsy shop!


Open to USA only; prize will be shipped directly from Dragonfly Curls.






#DisneySide Baby Shower Decorations

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail. Enjoy the ride as we throw a virtual baby shower for one of our members. I just love parties and party planning! And baby showers, well…that’s just such a special time to celebrate the mama-to-be.

Image from Lark & Lola

I’ve culled a sweet collection of Disney-inspired gender neutral baby decor decorations that will have everyone oohing and ahhing! Whether you choose a particular Land or a favorite character, there is so much creativity out there to make this a party everyone will remember.

Image from The Photographer’s Wife

I love Etsy for the adorable handcrafted and unique items. I also love to support small business! The Disney Store online has some wonderful baby items as well as decor that can be tweaked for use at a shower.

Image from the Hostesss with the Mostess

And of course, if you can’t buy it you can always get crafty and make it yourself! Pinterest has a wealth of party crafting ideas. Just have fun with the theme and let the ideas flow. Nobody will love it more than the new mother!

Image from Pinterest

I love the idea of decorating for a baby shower with Disney items you already have or using items that can be re purposed for the baby’s room later!

Set the theme at the front door with a gorgeous Disney themed wreath.

Image from, Sparkle for Your Castle

A Disney themed diaper cake is adorable and functional! (images from left to right, The Photographer’s Wife, Disney Baby, Princess and the P Baby


Set up a guest book for visitors to leave well wishes for the mama and new baby. Love this recycled Bambi Little Golden Book Guest Book.

Image from – ClassicBookJournals

The large lanterns hanging over the Mad Tea Party near Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland is one of my favorite areas of the Park. Buy lanterns or make your own with craft paper to string up overhead.

Image from Sweets These could also

Baby’s first Mouse Ears make a sweet table decoration and could also double as a guestbook (have guests sign their name with a white Sharpie pen).

Image from

This precious Dumbo Thumbprint Guestbook is so sweet and makes the perfect nursery decor after the party! Leave a stamp pad for guests to mark their thumb and a Sharpie pen for them to write their name.

Image from – TreesofGrace

A Disney party should always include Mickey and Minnie and these retro-designed plush are precious! Set them up on the gift table and the mama-to-be can take them home with her for the new baby.


Find an old book (or print vintage looking paper found online) to create an easy bunting, like this sweet Peter Pan version.

Image from Pinterest – TheStoryofVintage

With a bit of foam core board, some paint, Exacto knife (and likely lots of time!), you could have this whimsical it’s a small world display!

Image from

String a mini clothesline over the food table and hang up tiny Disney themed clothes for the new baby (images from Newly Woodwards,


Tabletop art work that can be used in the baby’s room after the party is a nice added touch (images from left to right: Lovely Little Fawn, Vivid Editions, Disney Store

Image from Hostess with the Mostess

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Heidi’s Head.

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