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Vivid Editions Disney-inspired Art and Posters – GIVEAWAY!


Walking through the gates of Disneyland and into the tunnels, goosebumps cover my arms each time. Passing under this plaque, guests walk past posters that promote the Parks most popular attractions.

As shown in the movie Saving Mr. Banks, the posters used to line the fence in front of the floral Mickey (see this post from the Disney Parks Blog). And for as long as I can remember the posters have been there inside the tunnel as you “Leave Today and Enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy”.

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I have always admired the posters and wanted some of my own, so I was delighted to find these gorgeous, high-quality prints on Etsy by Vivid Editions. Now I can hang them in my own home and add a bit of Disney charm!


Alex at Vivid Editions was kind enough to send me four prints. Two of them I framed for my #DisneySide @HomeCelebration party decor. The other two I gifted to my party guests as prizes. My brother has a slight obsession with the Disneyland Railroad so he might get that poster as a gift very soon!



In addition to the vintage-looking Disneyland posters, Vivid Editions also has these gorgeous digital watercolor images in their Etsy shop. They are so sophisticated yet whimsical. I love the spirited movement implied on each colorful print!


Stop over at the Vivid Editions shop and find out how you can buy two & get one free, plus receive free standard USPS shipping! If you’re like me, you’re going to have a challenging time narrowing down the choices!


Would you like to win your own poster from Vivid Editions

They are offering my readers the chance to win their choice of one poster, any size, from their Etsy shop!

**ENTER THE GIVEAWAY**  GIVEWAY IS CLOSED – Congratulations to our winner, Leigh Ann B!

Open to USA & Canada only; prize will be shipped directly from Vivid Editions.



DIY #DisneySide Stamp Craft Projects and Giveaway

Audra of Dragonfly Curls on Etsy so sweetly sent me three hand carved rubber stamps for me to use in my #DisneySide @HomeCelebration party planning.



I received the classic Mickey Mouse Ears silhouette, Mickey Mouse Balloon and the Fairy Tale Princess Castle stamps. Each stamp is custom cut by hand which makes them unique. Stamps are mounted on foam and wood for easier use. Every stamp is hand made to order, brand new, and is tested before it is sent out. You can tell that Audra puts a lot of love into her craft!


Check out some of these other fantastic Disney-inspired designs. I’m kind of thinking that the Jack Skellington is going to be a must for Halloween crafts!


This is what I did with the stamps that I received

Handstamped Tee

I prepped a white shirt for my daughter by pre-washing without fabric softener. I lined the inside with cardboard so I’d have a flat surface for stamping (an old cereal box is good for this). You also don’t want the paint bleeding from the front to other parts of the shirt.


I used red, black and yellow fabric paints. Starting with the first color, brush on a small amount of paint directly onto the Mickey head stamp.



Set the stamp down on the shirt (I started at the top and worked my way down), press gently but firmly on the stamp, rolling slightly side to side. Lift and voila! An adorable stamped Mickey!


Continue down the shirt using the same color in a spaced out pattern. Clean the stamp by stamping off the extra paint onto a rag or paper towel. I wiped mine off with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol before starting with the next color.


If part of the stamp doesn’t come out clearly simply dab a little paint on the tip of a brush to fill in the missing space.


When you’re all done, let the shirt dry flat for at least 24 hours. Toss in the dryer to heat set the paint and you’ll be ready to wear your creation!

Stamped Favor Bags

Using plain kraft bags from The Bakers Confections on Etsy, I made a simple stamp in the center of each favor bag. I picked up these stamp pads at the craft store and gently pressed the stamp onto the ink until they were well coated. Firmly press straight down onto the paper, then rock gently up and down and side to side.


Lift it up and reveal a lovely stamped image!

After filling with favors we sealed the kraft bags with a bit of polka dotted washi tape for that extra special “Minnie” touch!


CONTEST IS CLOSED – Congratulations to the winner, Heidi E.

Would you like to win your own stamp from Dragonfly Curls?

Audra is offering my readers the chance to win their choice of one stamp from her Etsy shop!


Open to USA only; prize will be shipped directly from Dragonfly Curls.





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Don’t get snake charmed…read on about avoiding scams!

Once I read this article, I just knew I had to share it with you! Lin of the Disney Mamas wrote a perfect article about recognizing fake contests that promise Disney trip giveaways. We have probably all entered them on Facebook at some point, fingers crossed and hoping to win!

Here’s how to tell the real giveaways from the fake:

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Thank you Lin, for allowing me to share with my readers!